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La Maison de Mezos

La Maison de Mézos is a former coaching-inn in the centre of Mézos, in the heart of the Landes forest. The House dates from 1830 and was originally the staging-post for the village.

Laurent and Myriam Caillet discovered the Maison de Mézos in 2005, at which time it was being used as a restaurant. The owner was retiring, and Laurent and Myriam bought the property and restored it, with the help of local artisans, using original materials.

Now a boutique hotel, the Maison de Mézos is a family affair. The hotel was first managed by Annie Dubarry, Myriam’s mother. Ten years later, it has passed to Annie’s grand-daughter Coralie and her partner, Adrien. Coralie manages the hotel, and Adrien looks after the garden (and the goats).

The Maison de Mézos is open all the year round, and Adrien and Coralie live on the premises.

Laurent and Myriam have just completed a major refurbishment of the rooms and grounds, retaining all the authenticity and the original features of the property, but including individually-designed, artisan-produced double-glazing for the winter months.

There are three main parts to the property: the house itself, with five rooms; the bungalows, five dwellings in the extensive and very pretty gardens; and, at the far end of the grounds, two gypsy caravans and two chalets, each of which has its own view over the lake and the countryside beyond.